Golden-fronted Whitestart

Myioborus ornatus

Bird of the month - March

The Golden-fronted Whitestart is a beautiful warbler of the Andes of Colombia and Venezuela

The Golden-fronted Whitestart, or, less accurately, the Golden-fronted Redstart, is a species of bird in the Parulidae family. The species is dark gray above and yellow below with a yellow face and black hindcrown, a thin white ear patch, and a black tail with white outer rectrices.  It is common in montane forest and edge habitats from 2,400 to 3,400 meters in elevation, where it forages in small flocks near the ground.

Golden-fronted Whitestart nesting

Bird of the month - March

The Golden-fronted Whitestart is special for us and that’s why we chose it for the bird of the month, and more for our logo. This very friendly little bird is Near-Endemic, and this specific subspecies Myioborus ornatus chrysops is just found in Colombia. Despite being very common in our trips to the highlands in Jardín, we are always happy to see it because that means there are more birds around.

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Xeno-canto by Niels Krabbe