Yellow-eared Parrot

Ognorhynchus icterotis

Bird of the month - December

Yellow-eared Parrot is a large, extremely rare parrot of the high Andes

It feeds on and nests in wax palms (Ceroxylon quindiuense), and the large-scale clearance of these trees has precipitated a major decline. Small numbers still persist in Colombia and it is extinct in the northern Ecuador. This is in part due to the nomadic movements of these birds, as flocks wander the landscape in search of fruiting palms. It is rather large, long-tailed and green overall with a contrasting yellow face, cheek, and breast.

Bird of the month - December

The Yellow-eared Parrot is an endemic bird of Colombia is the unique in his genus Ognorhynchus and it is 100% depending on the wax palm. Our guide Diego Guerrero started his interest on birding at the age of 15 years old working as a volunteer with the Proaves Foundation, climbing wax palms to install artificial nest for the program of repopulation of this species. From there and with the help of Jose Castaño, Diego has been birding in the Western and Central Andes also because his deep love for the mountains as he is also a mountaineering.

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