Collared Inca

Coeligena torquata

Bird of the month - September

This species of hummingbird is found in humid Andean forests from Venezuela, through Colombia and Ecuador, to Peru and Bolivia.

It is very distinctive and unique in having a white chest-patch and white on the tail. Like other hummingbirds it takes energy from flower nectar, while the plant benefits from the symbiotic relationship by being pollinated. Collared Incas are extremely quick fliers but occasionally identify themselves in the forest by flashing open their white tails. These large hummers frequent humid montane forests. Both males and females have white outer tail feathers and large chest patches.

Bird of the month - September

The Collared Inca was one of the hummers we saw in our first birding trip together. It was the very first birding experience for Paula, and she being a Graphic designer immediately notice the purple crown which Diego hadn’t seen before.

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Xeno-canto by Mitch Lysinger