Central & Western Andes

Travel in Colombia it’s a full experience involving culture, food and of course, birds!
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March 5th - 18th / 2023

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Private transport, guide, meals, entrances and lodging

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Going from cloud and rainy forest to dry forest in the most beautiful landscapes is what birding in the Andes means. With these mix of ecosystems we are going to find a lot of endemic and near endemic birds during the whole trip.

13 days and around 700 species between the highlands and lowlands of the Central and Western Andes along Colombia visiting different hotspots with feeders and a lot of photography opportunities.

$3300 USD per person for 13 days / 14 nights

Group size
5 – 6 people


Our birding trip begins in the south of Colombia, in the department of Valle del Cauca and continues into the Western Andes on the Pacific side to end in the Central Andes, in Medellín. During this time we will have the opportunity to see a large number of colorful birds such as Toucan Barbet, Multicolored Tanager, Andean Cock-of-the-rock, Gray-breasted Mountain-toucan and so many others.

However, visiting these places also means some long drives as Colombia is a fairly big country and our goal is to show you as many birds as possible in our tour for the central part of it.

This is a quick review of the itineraty, if you want the complete one please write us for more information

Day 1
Toucan Barbet

The birding tour starts in a relatively easy place, mostly for photography, the place has good feeders for different tanagers and hummingbirds and it's one of the places in Colombia for the near endemic Toucan Barbet

Day 2

We spend the second day in another cool feeding place for all the species of this region, in this case it's the Multicolored Tanager

Day 3

This day we leave the south of Colombia and start to go up in the Central Andes. This is a quite long drive with a short stop on the road for the Ruby Topaz 

Day 4
Hooded Antpitta

This day we will be walking on a road in a forest in the Central Andes looking for Torrent Duck, Cauca Guan and Hooded Antpitta as our main targets

Day 5
This is a full day drive with the possibility to do some birding in the afternoon
Day 6
Munchique Wood-Wren

This is a day in a Chocó forest and we spend it in the highland looking for the endemics: Munchique Wood-wren, Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer and we walk our way back to catch some mix flocks

Day 7
Golden-ringed Tanager

The second day in the Chocó forest we start from where we left the previous day walking down to the lodge. Our main targets are the endemic tanagers like Golden-ringed Tanager and Black-and-gold Tanager

Day 8
We spend the morning near the lodge in the feeders and looking for some birds around. After lunch we drive around 5 hours to reach the top of the Central Andes
Day 9
Crescent-faced Antpitta

The entire day we will be in a place that offers the possibility of one of the coolest antpittas in the Andes, the Crescent-faced Antpitta, and we'll be all day around places for good photography of tanagers, mountain toucan and hummingbirds

Day 10
Buffy Helmetcrest

We go even higher, we are going to visit the Paramo for the endemic Buffy Helmetcrest and some other species of the Central Andes highlands. The paramo is a unique ecosystem between 3000 to 4000 masl in the Andes. In the afternoon we have a 4-hour drive to a small town where we spend the night

Day 11
Yellow-eared Parrot

This day we are in the Western Andes, driving and birding between departments in the highlands for the endemics Yellow-eared Parrot and Chami Antpitta and some mix flocks

Day 12
Andean Cock-of-the-rock

In the morning we visit a feeder for some tanagers and hummingbirds and in the afternoon we visit a Lek of the Andean Cock-of-the-rock

Day 13

We leave town early for a 3-hour drive to Medellín, stopping in the road for the endemics Antioquia Wren, Apical Flycatcher and Grayish Piculet