Spectacled Owl

Pulsatrix perspicillata

Bird of the month - November

The Spectacled Owl occurs throughout the tropical regions of South America from northern Argentina to southern Mexico

It is common resident in many kinds of lowland tropical forest such as rainforest, savanna woodland and dry forest. It is polytypic with six subspecies recognized, differentiated on the basis of variations in underparts coloration and patterning. There is also subtle subspecific variation in voice. It forages nocturnally, feeding primarily on vertebrates up to the size of opossums, rabbits, skunks and even cats.

In Colombia it’s the second largest owl.

Bird of the month - November

The Spectacled Owl is one of the birds we always see in our way to Las tangaras (Chocó). It’s good to see how they live in one of the towns and is usually in a Mango tree. In this place, we can see every year one baby owl which are fluffy and adorable.

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Xeno-canto by Jerome Fischer